Meet Our Team


Becky (2019)

Bar Manager

We all need someone to take care of the family, and Becky is the mama bear of the Shooters team. She runs the bar with an iron first, insuring staff are armed to succeed, and customers are treated with respect. Test her patience, or bend any of her rules at your own discretion. (Go2 Track: Here's to Us - Halestorm - Go2 Drink: Bud Light with a shot of Fireball)

Marlo (2019)


Marlo is our day time star. She's usually found slinging back the drinks for our highly respected regulars on a weekly basis. You can expect timely service, good conversation and an attention to detail when she's on shift. Although it's rare to see, if she's in a good mood you'll may hear the country playing and see her return to her GoGo dancing days. (Go2 Track: I Love This Bar - Toby Keith - Go2 Drink - Water & Vodka)

Jeff (2017)


Jeff is another Shooters Veteran, with us since the beginning. His strengths lie in his ability to set the mood musically along with fast and speedy service. A night with Jeff behind the bar will mean your drinks are full, and the hits are playing non stop. (Go2 Track: High On Life - Martin Garrix - Go2 Drink: Budweiser, and a shot of Tequila)

Linda (2019)


Linda is a spark plug who tells it like it is. Don't confuse your angry old neighbour for her though, she knows how to keep a party going by keeping customers engaged with timely service and your favourite classic music videos. (Go2 Track: She's Gone Country - Allan Jackson - Go2 Drink: Corona & Lime)

Chelsea (2017)


Chelsea has been with us since day one. She's seen a majority of the customers that have walked through our doors and all of them give raving reviews on her service. With a flair for fashion and modern music she sets the mood for customers as they indulge amongst friends. (Go2 Track: Anything Ariana, Doja Cat, Gaga or Miley - Go2 Drink: Crown Apple and Ginger)

Sydney (2020)


Sydney is part of the weekend crew at Shooters. A shift with her generally means great tunes, and a fun loving personality serving you all night long. Her drinks go down just right, and her bubbly presence keeps your night moving at fun loving pace. (Go2 Track: Uptown Funk - Bruno Mars - Go2 Drink: Rum and Coke)

Kyle (2018)


We call Kyle Mr. Suave. A night with him means the proper sporting events are on several tv's and the boys are settled. After that, he makes sure you're lips aren't dry and the music is modern and on point. Catch him on Leaf game nights cheering on the boys and cranking the celebration tunes after a win. (Go2 Track: Sweet Sensation - Flo Rida - Go2 Drink: MGD)

Dan (2020)


Dan plays a part in creating all the hip and trendy ads, blogs, photos and videos we create for our online profile. His mind is wacky, and he makes things outside the norm but fit with who we are. He's always pushing us to embrace a modern way of thinking and we can't wait to see what he comes up with next. (Go2 Track: Angel Of The Morning - Juice Newton - Go2 Drink: Guiness)


Nikki (2017)


Nikki has been cooking for Shooters since we opened back in 2017. She is our original kitchen warrior who preps the delicious grub you've come to love. When the Greyhounds are in full swing, you can bet you'll see her face behind the grill serving up her specialty hound dawgs and delicious wings. (Go2 Track: - Old Time Rock and Roll - Bob Segar - Go2 Drink - Coffee and Baileys)

Dylan (2020)


Dylan joined the Shooters team in 2020 in our efforts to expand our kitchen hours. In just over a few months, he has got his feet wet, leaned the spec book and improved on his overall skills as a cook. You can find him on the night shifts cooking the grub you need to satisfy the crave of your late night hunger. (Go2 Track: Merkules - Fake Love - Go2 Drink - The Babs)

Carla (2020)


Carla is our day time, full on cook who performs with speed and pleasantry. She serves breakfast essential for curing a previous nights hangover and rocks out in between orders. Her skill? Remembering you and your order each and every time you arrive, almost preparing as you walk in, that's what we call service. (Go2 Track: Second Chance - Shinedown - Go2 Drink - Whiskey & Rye)

T.J. (2020)


T.J. Joined the Shooters kitchen team specifically to assist with our wing nights. His prep, speed and on time delivery of the product is essential in making the Wing train tick during our busy nights. In the future TJ looks to expand his knowledge within the kitchen. You may see him cooking more and more as the days roll on. (Go2 Track: Taylor Swift - Shake It Off - Go2 Drink: Not Of Age)

Trey (2020)


Trey is the breath of fresh air we all need in our lives. Approaching him at the kitchen is like opening a bouquet of beautiful roses as he greets you with glee and appreciation. His food is on time, and on point. On his down times, he drifts to the DJ booth & fires up Ariana. Then the dancing starts. (Go2 Track: Positions - Ariana Grande - Go2 Drink - Mikes Hard Blue Lemonade)

Adam (2020)


Adam joined the kitchen staff in 2020 right after the first lockdown. Since he's joined he's shared is unique recipes with us from time to time. His passion and attention to detail has provided our customers many unexpected pleasantries over his short tenure. (Go2 Track: Nirvana - Smells Like Teen Spirit - Go2 Drink: Hennessy)


Roger (2019)


Rog is our head of security. His dedication and passion to keeping Shooters has been instrumental in keeping patrons safe. He's attentive to all of his surroundings with a sharp eye for suspect situations. What's appreciated about Rog is approachable aura. He's reasonable, fair and firm and that's what we require at Shooters. (Go2 Track: The Pride - Five Finger Death Punch - Go2 Drink: - Anything Whiskey)

Mike (2020)


Mike joined the security team in 2020. In partnership with Rog, he works silently and stealthily to insure the safety of the patrons. His calm, yet attentive demeanour makes him the perfect person to cast eyes on the happenings of an evening. (Go2 Track: Shot In The Dark: Ozzy Osbourne - Go2 Drink: Budweiser Draught)

This Could Be You (2021)


We're always looking for extra help keeping our patrons safe. Do you have a knack for the job? Are you looking for extra work? Stop by and talk to Becky if you are interested in the job. (Preferable Go2 Tracks: Bad Boys: Inner City Circle - Go2 Drink: Whiskey)


Ryan (2017)

DJ/Musical Host

Ryan has been performing as a Dj since his high school days. He's performed over 1500 events, and is a student of popular music, its roots and history. A night with Ryan behind the DJ booth means you won't know what's coming next. His wide range of music knowledge allows him to float between the decades biggest hits as if they all belong together, giving the audience a unique and memory tripping experience. Find him on the weekends at Shooters. (Go2 Track: Sweet Lovin - Sigala - Go2 Drink: Tequila)

DJ Bizick (2018)

DJ/Musical Host

DJ Bizzick has over 25 years worth of Live Dj'ing experience. He's performed at weddings, bars, hockey games, and special event shows. He prides himself on being current and well versed in the modern music making him a prime choice for weekend entertainment at Shooters. Hit him up with a request, and he'll most definitely fit you in. (Go2 Track: Eminem - Without Me - Go2 Drink: Bud Light Lime)

Jesse (2018)

Karaoke/Musical Host

Jesse is the original Karaoke VG. He's been with us since we launched Karaoke nights at Shooters in January of 2018. Along the way he's helped us develop a fair and efficient way of presenting the Karaoke nights to our customers, keeping them coming back week after week with his insatiable personality and dedication to his craft. (Go2 Track: I Got You - James Brown - Go2 Drink: Northern Superior Draught)

Sky (2020)

Karaoke/Musical Host

Sky joined the Shooters team in 2020 and brought with her over 25 years worth of live performance experience. Her vast knowledge of the music, mixed with her confident hosting abilities makes her a welcomed addition to the Karaoke VJ team. (Go2 Track: Journey - Don't Stop Believing Go2 Drink: Cherry Whiskey)