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We’re live! It’s a great feeling because we’ve been discussing the concept of creating a website for the lounge since day one. Time has been our enemy in completing this task. As you are discovering by reading this, we’ve crossed the finish line and are officially available for public consumption.

What does this mean? Well it means we have a home for all of our crazy ideas, promotions and special offers. Big deal, what’s different about this website compared to any other bar and restaurant you may wonder? We hope the answer to that question is a lot of things.

First and foremost, you can reserve the lounge for your special occasion now. Located under the bookings tab is where you would do this. Fill out the form and the message will be sent through the World Wide Web to our team.

Under the news tab, we’ll update you with clever stories, events and updates. There’s really no telling what we’ll come up with here, but you can bet it will be full of variety.

Under the news tab, a weekly top 40 page has been added and will be updated weekly with the latest and best tracks in pop music.

We’re finally making some SWAG. It’s not quite ready for ordering just yet, but the summer of 2021 is our target date for launch. A preview of our first series is available under the shop page.

Lastly, we’ve included our menu for viewing online. Our goal is to move to online ordering and delivery services during quarter 2 of 2020 and we’re excited to offer this service. And for anyone wanting to get to know our amazing team there’s a surprise under the Meet the Team tab.

Enjoy the launch of

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