The Flood

It’s not everyday that you get to feel like Jack Dawson. King of the world. Painter of french girls. Heartthrob of the late 90’s.

Near, Far, Wherever you are…

You watch the water rush past your feet as you fight your way through a doorway into the hopeful safety of the backroom. 

It’s a romantic scene if James Cameron is pointing a camera at you, with Celine Dion in the background, barely straining her vocal cords to soar above that haunting melody. But it’s gut wrenching if Kate Winslet is nowhere to be seen, and the Titanic–in this case–is the new bar you’ve worked all year to establish in Sault Ste Marie. 

This is the story of how one day, out of nowhere, God decided to fuck us in the ass. Unfortunately nobody on staff has the ability to breathe under water either so we had to watch as a higher power decided to sink Shooters Downstairs Lounge into the St Mary’s river. It’s the tale of how we avoided becoming Sault Ste Marie’s version of Atlantis. Where the hell is Aquaman when you need him?

Actual Footage from the day of the flood

No…on that fateful day we didn’t have a muscle bound beefcake to save us, oh no! All we had was each other as the torrential rain started to downpour. The storm drains became so plugged with water they started to back up from several different places. Within minutes the water was a foot deep. There was nothing we could do, so we cleared everything off the floors and splashed around in the water. I think someone decided to play “Under the Sea” from the little mermaid while one of our speakers floated away.

Remember when Aquaman was uncool? Yeah, us neither…

In about 30 minutes, the rain started to settle, and the water started to rescind back into the storm drains. We called in Servepro to suck up the water, clear out all the moisture and in 3 days we were back up and running. What a ride. Next time we’ll have Jason Mamoa on speed dial.

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