2020 The Year Of The Virus…

2020 has been the year we never thought would transpire for the restaurant and bar industry. With a looming air of uncertainty over the entire world, the future of the restaurant and bar industry is a muddy mess. We’ve been locked down twice and it’s been emotionally draining on all of us. We could have let 2020’s series of unfortunate events get us down, but instead we chose to focus on what we could control. Long story short, we’re shifting our way of doing things in order to prepare for the new way of doing business.

The lockdowns spared us enough time to give the lounge a fresh coat of paint. A brand new color scheme was selected as we felt this would give the lounge more of a personality instead of our original bland grey tones. Many other little touchups and purging took place during this time as well.

After much feedback about our conflicting kitchen hours, we took a bold move in 2020 and opened our kitchen as long as the bar is open. Along with the extra hours came a whole whack of new kitchen staff and delicious menu items. We also upgraded our POS system which will allow us to offer gift cards and online ordering in 2021.

Finally we had a chance to upgrade some of the sound equipment in the lounge. We added a speaker outside for the smokers, two subs on each dance floor and 3 more speakers in the corners of the lounge. Karaoke tracks, and 2000 music videos were added to our music library during the down time. We ordered a whole new set of lights for both of our dance areas. We’re still waiting for the day dancing restrictions will be lifted, but when they are, the party will be better than ever before. At that point we’re calling Kevin Bacon to kick off our first dance, Footloose style!

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